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FESTIVAL OF FEELINGS 26 april 2023 FESTIVAL OF FEELINGS Fri 28.04 6 pm—until late PERFORMANCE NIGHT & PARTY with Roberto Barbosa, Andreas Bausch, Selina Bonelli & Thomas Reul, Julika Bosch, Matthias Conrady, Thomas Dahl, Galina Dimitrova, Kris Dittel, Lucas Düllingen, Clementine Edwards, Meryem Erkus, Angelica Falkeling & Lili Huston-Herterich, Hajnowisko, Haus of Audacity, hyperlovecollective, Lisa James, Ja Jess, katharinajej, Moritz Krauth, Julius Metzger, Danie Meyer, evdokia michailidou, mjellmë, Nikolas Müller, Karol Nepelski, O*TA & pixithera, Rage, Liz Rosenfeld, Aneta Rostkowska, Victoria Xiang-Rui Ruhe, Suzanna Slack, Sofia Steffens, Elena Weipert, Anbid Zaman Sun 30.04 2—4 pm THEY CALL IT LOVE: THE POLITICS OF EMOTIONAL LIFE A seminar with Alva Gotby   On Friday, the 28th of April, from 6 pm onwards, an unruly event will take place at Temporary Gallery, Centre for Contemporary Art in Cologne: a long evening and night of live performances, poetry, stories, music, dance, drinks and food. We will share our feelings concerning different forms of kinship in our lives – it will be a gathering about love, intimacy, bonding, friendship, comradeship, sex, family relationships, and all other forms of being close that we imagine to be possible. We will collectively “mother” ourselves and each other: give attention, support and care – in short, we will become the motherers. The event will commence at 6pm with an intimate reading performance by Liz Rosenfeld. (This act has limited seating, please be on time.) We will drift into the night with readings, performances and music, carried by participants of the Unruly Kinships exhibition and selected contributions from an open […]

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